A very cold, wet story! Students stories Sticky

Funny first experience.
My 4th day in Scotland – flooded house!
Read the whole story here!

Learn a lesson! Holiday in Madrid

A story about my holiday to Madrid!
It was a bad start to my holiday....

Kosovo war 1998

Kosovo war 1998

A sad but true story and personal experience about one of the many wars in the world

A Wine story

a wine story

A passionate story about an extraordinary and unforgettable experience

An Australian adventure

Inna's story about a precious time in Australia

My Wisdom Tooth

Last Tuesday I went to Longniddry Dental Surgery with my husband for my wisdom tooth...

Common superstitions around the world

broken mirror

In many countries, at the beginning of the year, some people act in an irrational way. These acts are called superstitions...

Indian Head Massage Course

Indian Head Massage Course: One Way to learn English doing whatever you like!

Easter in Bulgaria

How is Easter celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church in Bulgaria?


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