Learning English

Available classes current from September 2016 - click on English Classes link below!

English is the international language used among all nations in the world. That's why we think it is really important and useful to know English, no matter where you are from or where you live. If you want to succeed and develop your personal life, we suggest you should learn standard English. Here in East Lothian, like in many other parts of the UK, you can go to various English classes, courses and conversation groups. They take place in colleges, schools, community centres, libraries etc. There are different levels, so don't worry if you are a beginner; you will find a place for yourself as well. If you want to practise your English you can always get in touch with us.

  • English classes
    Information about currently available English classes in East Lothian.
  • Tried and tested websites
    Here we suggest some very useful websites for learning and improving your English. You can practise while relaxing at home or even out and about if you have the internet on your phone.
  • Favourite Words
    In this section we have suggested some of our favourite words, explained their meaning and why we like them. If you have any favourite English words you can share them with us, it would be interesting to collect more. So, please send some in!
  • Andy's jokes
    Lots of good and bad jokes! Jokes are a great way to improve your listening skills and skills of understanding.

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Date last modified: Sun 25th September 2016