English Classes available from September 2016

by  Andy, ESOL Coordinator

Current ESOL classes in East Lothian (Musselburgh, Prestonpans, North Berwick and Haddington)

Please contact Andy if you are new.  

You will not be able to attend until you have been interviewed by Andy Stuckey, ESOL Coordinator, astuckey@eastlothian.gov.uk or phone/text on 07540 457 449.

Classes for September 2016

  • Dunbar, 10-12pm (to be confirmed)
  • Knox, Wed, 7-9pm,  Intermediate 2/Good Int 1 

  • Knox, Mon,7-9pm,  Access 2 

  • Knox, Mon,7-9pm, Access 3

  • Musselburgh Grammar School, Tues, 7-9pm, Access 2  

  • Musselburgh Grammar School,Tues, 7-9pm, Intermediate 1

  • Musselburgh Grammar School, Thurs, 7-9pm, Access 3

  • Prestonpans, Wed, 10-12pm

  • Fisherrow, Wed, 7-9pm, Int 2, Diana 


  • Fisherrow Centre: New Arrivals group: Tuesdays 1 – 3pm (FREE - no creche)
    Students meet to work on this website and to practice all English language skills in an informal group

Date last modified: Sun 25th September 2016