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Help for New Arrivals

to East LothianA-Z-booklet

  This A-Z_booklet is a guide

to East Lothian. Find out what to know and where to go!

To download and save this PDF file:
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Facebook iconOur aim is to encourage people like us (who have come to live in East Lothian) to share experiences about their new life here.

We want to help you to settle down, make some friends and to provide any information you need, as we know it is not an easy step to start a new life in another country.

We hope that you like our idea and join us! Smile

The main event on frontpage


Come along to our group at Fisherrow!


 Would you like to enrol in an English class in East Lothian?

  • Check potential classes which are held in Musselburgh, Haddington, Dunbar and North Berwick. Find out which class is right for you.
  • Contact Andy Stuckey, ESOL Coordinator, or phone/text on 07540 457 449.

How to pay?

  • The Fisherrow website group and conversation groups are free.
  • For all others you have to pay. Before you start your new class you have to pay before you start.
  • However, you might be able to have lessons paid by opening an ILA (Individual Learning Account). (An ILA is Government help for students who do not have a university degree) 

What is an ILA and how apply for it.

Go to the Learning English page for more information about help with classes and paying for courses too.

An unexpected gift


A Scottish tradition.
Interesting experience...

English 4 Kids

English 4 Kids

Do you have children, are you a beginner or a teacher? I recommend this amazing website...

BBC - The Flatmates


Here is the second BBC Learning English topic. Find out how to use the Flatmates for practising your English....

BBC - 6 Minute English practice


BBC Learning English is a very comprehensive website. The 6 Minute page is a good place to start!

Cold Borsch Soup Recipes

Cold Borsch

Try cooking a traditional Lithuanian soup...

Let's talk Mag

Our E-Magazine “Let's talk together” was the first step our group took before creating this website. You can read it here...


Here's another favourite word with a beautiful meaning...


Our new favourite word!

What does it mean?
When can you use it?
Find out here...


Links to websites with information about East Lothian and Edinburgh
Learn more about the UK!

Free English Video Lessons !

Excellent videos used to teach English

Try this great site to help you with English. All the lessons are in video. We recommend it!

Sun worshipper

Sun worshipper

My favourite word.
I am a typical sun worshipper...

Basketball crazy?!

 Julia's basketball team

My favourite sport is basketball. When I came here, I thought that I couldn't play basketball, but...


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