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Help for New Arrivals

to East LothianA-Z-booklet

  This A-Z_booklet is a guide

to East Lothian. Find out what to know and where to go!

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Facebook iconOur aim is to encourage people like us (who have come to live in East Lothian) to share experiences about their new life here.

We want to help you to settle down, make some friends and to provide any information you need, as we know it is not an easy step to start a new life in another country.

We hope that you like our idea and join us! Smile

The main event on frontpage


Come along to our group at Fisherrow!


 Would you like to enrol in an English class in East Lothian?

  • Check potential classes which are held in Musselburgh, Haddington, Dunbar and North Berwick. Find out which class is right for you.
  • Contact Andy Stuckey, ESOL Coordinator, or phone/text on 07540 457 449.

How to pay?

  • The Fisherrow website group and conversation groups are free.
  • For all others you have to pay. Before you start your new class you have to pay before you start.
  • However, you might be able to have lessons paid by opening an ILA (Individual Learning Account). (An ILA is Government help for students who do not have a university degree) 

What is an ILA and how apply for it.

Go to the Learning English page for more information about help with classes and paying for courses too.

A good waiter is 'all ears'


Andy's fourth joke. As I am a terrible cook, I could just about manage the meal the man requested-well, the part that involves bread anyway (although it would probably be burnt)!

Grammar topics

Edufind is great for practising grammar. Choose the topic you are looking for, read the explanations and do the excerices. It is very helpful. Enjoy it!

Eau d'Carrot!


Andy's third joke. During this month, the coldest March in 50 years, I have seen a number of snowmen on my walks with my dog, Jett.

A fishy story


Andy's second joke. The mistake the man in the joke makes is certainly 'food for thought'. Don't let the same kind of thing happen to you!



Our new favourite word does not need to introduce too much. Diamond is popular...

Carrot and Beans Thoran

 Beans Carrot Thoran

This is a vegetarian South Indian curry recipe. It is very filling.

Fish Dumplings recipe

My friend in Lithuania gave me this recipe. It's easy and delicious! This is enough for 4 to 6 people.

A 'tense' situation


Andy's first joke with sound!
The life of a tutor is not an easy one!

Walkin’ East Lothian


Walkin’ East Lothian offers walks around the county with two trained walk leaders!

The tongue twister

Try this tongue twister! It could be a great help to you with the /ʃ/ and /s/ sounds.

Lassie and Laddie

My favourite Scottish words!

British Council - Learn English

A very comprehensive, useful website with an incredible amount of topics, recordings, videos...


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