Before you apply for ILA


There are our recommendation before you apply for an ILA - Individual Learning Account:

  1. Try to apply for your ILA 3 weeks before classes begin in September (see our ILA page for help).
  2. If required, submit 3 wage slips if rate of pay is regular.
    (You do not need to ask your empolyer to sign UNLESS your wages vary from week to week).
  3. Please tell us the expiry date of your learning year. This will be on a letter from ILA.
  4. Remember to sign your learning token before you give it to your tutor.
  5. Please use the same name on all official forms for ILA, East Lothian Council and SQA. (For example, ‘Andrew’ for all documents and not ‘Andrew’ for one and ‘Andy’ for the others.)
  6. Remember you need to re-apply each year for your ILA account and you will be given a new account number.
    You must give us this new number. (Note: You cannot re-apply before the expiry date of your last token)
  7. If you do not give us a learning token you will be asked to pay or leave the course.

For more information and an assistance contact Andy Stuckey, ESOL coordinator - or 01620 827 221.

Date last modified: Tue 17th February 2015