A very cold, wet story! Students stories

by Lekha

My 4th day in ScotlandFlood

We moved to Scotland on 20th Oct 2010. I was so excited to see Edinburgh, the city I learnt about at school. When I came to Musselburgh, I found it very quiet. On the second day we enjoyed the snow at the beach. Then, four days later, I had trouble in the house.

One of the bath tub’s taps was broken and the water flooded everywhere. Accidentally my mobile fell into the water. I was totally scared and I couldn’t understand how to stop the water supply, nor call my husband for help. For about two hours I was trying to stop the water with my hands. At the same time my daughter was very scared and was crying loudly. 

After some time a neighbour from the downstairs flat, called Michele, knocked on the door.  When I opened the door I could see she had a very angry face.  She was very upset, because the water had been dripping into her flat from the flood and she said this is the sixth time it had happened. Then I tried to explain to her I came only four days ago and I wasn’t aware of anything. Finally, she understood my situation and offered me her assistance. She came into the bathroom, found the water pipe and stopped the water supply to the toilet. Then she brought us a jug of water and consoled my daughter and me. She became my first very good friend in Scotland. We sent her chocolates and a thanks card. Thereafter we are good friends and especially my daughter’s best friend. Thanks a lot to Aunty Michele!

Date last modified: Sun 25th September 2016