An unexpected gift

by Selvete

A Scottish tradition.

When I had my daughter we went on the bus to go to Edinburgh. My daughter was only 3 months old at that time. A man gave me 50p. I thanked him and said there's no need. He said that this is a tradition and I had to take the coin. It was strange because in my country you only give money to somebody you know. We give money to a newborn baby as well. It may be €10.00 but it depends how rich you are; it can be €50.00.

Do you have a story like this?

Date last modified: Fri 15th March 2013


Anonymous's picture

Hello my name is Ross. When I came here, 3 years ago, I went with my daughter to the shop to buy some magazines, an old lady came close to us and put some coins inside my daughter's buggy. She was only 2 months. It was really odd for me. Now I know it is a tradition for some old people in East Lothian.

Polina's picture

Although my child is not a baby anymore, recently an old lady gave her a pound, just because she was talking a lot to her. Obviously the old lady was pleasantly delighted from that small talk with the little person. Wink