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At the bottom of this page is a list of good websites to help you with your English language skills.
The websites are all ones which the group likes.

Try them and tell us what you think!
Can you also suggest other good websites to add here?

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Date last modified: Sat 5th July 2014

Memrise - FREE from Cambridge University


We would like to recommend to you an Upper-intermediate English on-line course from Cambridge University - it's free!
You can find another level on the website. Why not start now?

English Listening Exercises

Example of English Listening Exercises

Improve your English Language. Try and enjoy Caroline's very useful English listening exercises...

This website is worth looking at. It has beginner up to advanced levels with lots of different ways to learn English.

Grammar topics

Edufind is great for practising grammar. Choose the topic you are looking for, read the explanations and do the excerices. It is very helpful. Enjoy it!

British Council - Learn English

A very comprehensive, useful website with an incredible amount of topics, recordings, videos...

English 4 Kids

English 4 Kids

Do you have children, are you a beginner or a teacher? I recommend this amazing website...

BBC - The Flatmates


Here is the second BBC Learning English topic. Find out how to use the Flatmates for practising your English....

BBC - 6 Minute English practice


BBC Learning English is a very comprehensive website. The 6 Minute page is a good place to start!

Free English Video Lessons !

Excellent videos used to teach English

Try this great site to help you with English. All the lessons are in video. We recommend it!

Pronunciation Workshop

Watch You tube video: Introduction to Teaching Pronunciation Workshop by Adrian Underhill...