St Andrews Day: 30th November

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This year St Andrews Day is on Wednesday (2016)

St. Andrew's Day (30th November)

The festivities will reflect the tradional story that in 832AD near the village of Athlestaneford, an army of Picts and Scots, confronted by a larger force of Northumbrians, was inspired to victory when a Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross appeared as a cloud formation against a blue sky.  To mark the triumph, the Saltire was adopted as Scotland's flag.

The Saltire marks the triumphant vitory of a battle betwen the Picts and the Scots in 832AD near Athelstaneford in East Lothian.  (The village is known as the home of the Saltire) The legend says that clouds were seen in a cross formation in a blue sky and this inspired the Picts to victory!

Usually there are celebrations during the week around the 30th of November.  

Search to find St Andrews Day celebrations in a google search or VISITEASTLOTHIAN.ORG and see what you can find locally!

The Saltire The Saltire

The Saltire or St Andrew's Cross, is blue with a white diagonal cross also known as a saltire.

It represents  the Patron Saint Saint Andrew, who is supposed to have been crucified on a cross.

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Celebrating St. Andrew's Day

(image from East Lothian Council website 2013)

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