News from Julia

by Julia

Hello everybody,

My name is Julia Sánchez and I was member from New Arrivals last year. New Arrivals is an amazing group of people from a lot of countries, who helped me a lot when I was living in Musselburgh.

Last June, I came back to my birthplace in Spain. At this moment, I am working as an Engineer in a Consultant Company from Valladolid, managing and developing R&D, environmental and energy projects at international and national level. I am really happy in my job because I like it and my workmates are friendly towards me. I belong to international area of my company and every day I read and write much English information such as technical dossiers of projects and sometimes I have to speak to our client from other countries.

Next month, I am going to Musselburgh on holiday to visit my friends and my host family.  Hopefully, I look forward to see all you.

 Best Wishes,



Date last modified: Thu 12th June 2014