by Selvete

My dream holiday is in Miami, when I was a teenager I watched a movie which was taken in Miami and it was wonderful. I hope one day i will go with my husband and my 3 daughters Cool. Miami is one of the hottest vacation destinacions in the world. Miami is the second larges city in Florida. Annual average daily temperature is 23 degrees which i realy like this kind of weather. Miami has the population 2.4 millons. 

What I realy like about Miami Beach is that you can enjoy the outdoors getting  sun shine, sea and scenery, sandy sport, volleyball sunset yoga class etc....

Miami Has a cuisine that is uniquely its own. With the divers of its people comes a blend of flavors.

Hope one day we can go and enjoy!!!!

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Date last modified: Tue 3th March 2015


Polina's picture

I have been to Miami several times and it is indeed a Paradise on Earth to me. If you like white fine sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, gorgeous weather year around, if you have the party spirit in you- this is defenitely your destination. Highly recommend it ! By the way the whole Florida state looks like pretty much the same as Miami. If you go to Miami one day it is a must to go to Florida keys- the final and most famous of all Key West is the southern most point of the USA, only 90 mile from Cuba.  Cool Enjoy !

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You have amazed me. I would never have imagined that you would want to visit Miami. I always think of a police crime drama called Miami Vice, which makes me think that it's a bit of a scary city! This doesn't sound like the same place at all - it actually sounds like it's worth a visit!

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Miami is diverse, that is true. The Everglades, the beach and a trip round the harbour. It has some lovely areas but lots of areas to avoid and unfortunately it is costly. But a good choice.