Lithuania is waiting for me

by Genute

I came to East Lothian around three years ago with my youngest daughter. I like to live in Tranent because it is a quiet town and it is also no problem to travel to the city of Edinburgh. You have everything you need here. What I love is the local park where you can spend a wonderful time. I am often there with the grandchildren.

Scotland is a wonderful country with its own customs and wonderful nature which I love, but I very much miss my homeland even though I visit it every 6 months. Lithuania is waiting for me with daughters, relatives and friends to return because I have been here for a long time with only my youngest daughter and granddaughter.

Do you feel homesick?

Do you miss family?

What do you miss most?

Date last modified: Tue 12th March 2013


Polina's picture

I miss my family and friends. I miss the warmCoolSUN, the hot weather and all of the outdoor activities, which are impossible to be done here.