Kosovo war 1998

 by Selvete

1998 was a horrible and upsetting year for me and my family. I was married and also pregnant. The Serbian police forced us to leave our houses. My husband and I had to help his uncle with his children; the youngest of them was only 2 months old. We had to stay in the train station all night long in the cold and only in the morning we managed to get into the train.  We thought we were going to Macedonia but the scary thing happened when the Serbian police played a horrible joke with us and made the train go backward and forward for about an hour.  We thought they were going to separate the men from the women and possibly rape every single woman. It had happened with other trains. We were very lucky because eventually they let us through the border between Kosovo and Macedonia.

It was Kosovo warMarch the 30th when we came to a forest and stayed there for about a week. It was extremely cold there. Luckily we had some food with us. Also many volunteers from Macedonia brought food and sanitary equipment. It was difficult for us when we had to go to the toilet by the river. Although the worst thing was that my mum and siblings remained in Kosovo. Sadly my dad died before we even had to leave the country. It was the most emotional time for me but I didn't want to leave the country. Then 7 days later we had to wait in the queue for a bus. We hoped we were going to stay with those Albanian people in Macedonia who opened their doors for us but when we arrived we saw them setting up a camp. We had to share a tent with ten other people and we only had one blanket to put on the floor. For three whole weeks we were sleeping like that, and then finally we got a mattress but a very thin one. We had only canned fish, milk and bread to eat. The volunteers brought some water for our showers and washing clothes. It was very hard to live there because it was very cold and we had no heating. However when it got warmer it was also hard to stay in the tent because it was too warm.

At last a British organisation provided us a plane and we had a chance to fly from Macedonia to Glasgow. We eventually came to Scotland and finally settled in North Berwick. We lived in a big house with eight other families from Kosovo. Nevertheless at that time it was an amazing place for us!!! A month later I miscarried a baby boy. After that it was a difficult time but thank God now I have three beautiful daughters and my husband. I feel so lucky to have them. Now fifteen years later I see violence on television and I think why are they doing these things? Why can't we just have peace around the world!

Date last modified: Mon 23th February 2015