by Lekha

My dream holiday place is Italy. I have planned seven days holiday in Italy with my family.

We are going to take a flight from Edinburgh to Venice. We have got a good deal from a holiday planner: £1800 for a family which includes tickets, accommodation and breakfast. On the first day we would like to see Venice. Venice is the magical and amazing creation of man and of nature. We would like to spend two days there.

Then we would like to go to Lake Garda. It is the largest lake in Italy.

Then on the third day we would like to see Milan, visit galleries and to see some of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous paintings including the Last Supper. We would like to go shopping in Milan. Avani, my daughter, can taste some Italian ice cream and Arun, my husband, would like to see the A C Milan football team stadium.

We need to spend three days to explore Rome. We would like to see the Vatican Museums and to taste different street foods. On the last day we are going back to Venice to see my best friend and stay one day with her family.

Then the next morning we take a flight back to Edinburgh!

Date last modified: Tue 3th March 2015


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This sounds wonderful!

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well I absolutely adore everything about Italy and I think it's a wonderful many beautiful places, romance, food and wine and history...all in one plus you've chosen some great cities. And ice cream too...they do it so well. Enjoy !