Indian Head Massage Course

by Julia

When I arrived in Musselburgh, my aims were to improve my English and see new places, meet new people and experience new cultures.

Once my English was better, a friend recommended that I take a course which was different from English lessons. Edinburgh Council offers a wide range of courses every year, with a huge variety of subjects on offer, including art, computing, languages, fitness, genealogy, crafts, health, etc.

I browsed the adult programme brochure and decided to take an Indian Head Massage Course and Reflexology because sometimes I have a sore back and wanted to know how to avoid it.

This course lasted twelve weeks. At the beginning of the course, we learned every part of the body, organs, glands and also a lot about herbal medicine, nutrition, home remedies, essential oils and finally a large number of the techniques to provide relaxation, reduce stress and revitalize yourself. In this part, I learned a lot of new words in English and learned to control my nerves when speaking in front of a group of people.

In the main part of the course, the teacher taught us how to make another person relax and then give a massage wherever the person wants it. Every day, she would explain how to massage another part of the body; starting with the scalp, face, head, neck, shoulder and back. Then, she showed us everything about Reflexology. It is a specific technique that works on the precise reflex points on the hands or feet, based on the principle that these points correspond to particular organs, glands and structures in the body.

Finally, we practised all of the therapies in pairs. Every day, we chose a partner and part of the body to do the massage and practised it while listening to relaxing music.

In this course you don´t obtain a certificate to work as a masseuse but you can enjoy giving massages to family and friends.

To conclude, I recommend that you do some courses because you can learn some English but mostly you will meet people and learn to do something which you like or love.

You can browse the adult programme brochure in the following link and decide whatever you want:

Date last modified: Fri 10th May 2013