Gullane beach

Gullane Beach

by David

For running, walking, meditation, etc. we can visit Gullane beach (map) with its large sand dunes. The water is cold, but some people enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing – very interesting. There is a small forest full of young pines which is close to the beach. You can view some photos here.

Date last modified: Wed 29th May 2013


Polina's picture

It looks quite cold, but picturesque. It's worth going there on a sunny, calm day. Cool

Polina's picture

I just came back from a day out on Gullane beach. On a sunny day it really looks beautiful, although I suppose it is always quite windy down there. It's really worth visiting this part of East Lothian, especially when the sun is out, as it looks quite different and charming in my oppinion.

 Selvete's picture

Me and my family went a year ago and we loved it. It was very hot that day. If anybody likes to go just visit it!!!

Andy Stuckey's picture

On a hot, summer's day Gullane is hard to beat!
However, East Lothian has lots of other great beaches such as Yellowcraig (with it's great play area for kids) and Pease and Coldingham Bays for (watching) surfing.

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