A good luck charm in India

by Lekha

lemons and chillies on string as a charmIt is so common to find a string of lemons and chillies hanging on the doorway of shops, offices and homes. Doing this is supposed to ward off the evil eye and bring in good luck. People usually thread one lemon along with seven chillies. This ‘totka’ is said to bring prosperity. It is changed every Friday. It is also believed that if someone steps on one of the discarded totkas, he invites the evil influence that the charm has gathered. The idea behind hanging such a charm is that it keeps away ‘Alakshmi’ or the goddess of poverty who is considered inauspicious in Hindu mythology. Alakshmi is said to like sour and spicy things, so the lemon and chillies satisfy her and she does not enter the home or the establishment. In a way then, this charm is also a sort of appeasement to a goddess.

Information taken from: listdose.com/famous-indian-superstitions/

Date last modified: Thu 20th March 2014