ESOL TERM ends 9th December ...

Classes finish on 9th December and re-start on 9th January!

Have a great festive season!

Term dates for ESOL classes 

Term 1 - 26/9 to 9/12/16 (October break for one week from 17/10)

Term 2 – week beginning (w/b) 9th January 2017 to w/b 20th March 2017 (Feb break for one week from13th Feb)

Term 3 – W/b 24th April 2017 to w/b 12th June 2017 

Classes for September 2016

Please contact Andy to find out if there is a place available.  There is full information about how to join our classes on the home page of this website.

There are daytime classes in:

The Fisherrow Centre, Musselburgh  This is an informal group where you can practice all your skills!   All levels welcome.   Please email or phone/text Andy for more details.

The Pennypit, Prestonpans (to be confirmed).  

There are evening classes in

Haddington (at different levels)

Dunbar (level to be confirmed)

Musselburgh (all levels)

North Berwick (to be confirmed)

Date last modified: Thu 24th November 2016