English Listening Exercises

by David

Improve your English Language. Try and enjoy Caroline's very useful English listening exercises, which are published on her website:


Every listening lesson contains 4 exercises, starts with pre-listening vocabulary and continues with various interactive tests. For example - click on the word you hear or complete the text with prepared words, reorganise text, decide whether this text is exactly the same as you hear, match up the expression and other.

Caroline has been teaching English to adults for over twenty-five years. She has noticed:

"Listening is very important when you are learning to speak a language. My students always wanted to have lots of opportunities to listen to real English so I put together some Listening exercises for them to practice. Now I have made these exercises available to you so that, you too, can practice and improve. I hope that you enjoy them and make lots of progress!"

Small warning:
Be aware, the website contains a large amount of advertisements above and below exercises. All Caroline's exercises are inside the blue box (exercise 1, exercise 2,… exercise 4).  The rest of the page is advert.

Date last modified: Sun 7th September 2014