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Happy New Year to English learners and teachers! Thank you for using the resources on the site in 2013 and I hope the site will be of further help in 2014. 

Here are a number of resources that will help you review English as you go into the New Year. Start off with tips on strategies for the New Year, as well as some back to school resources to help you get back up to speed. Perhaps you'll look for a new job in the new year, in that case, the job interview in English resources should help. 

Tips for Your New English Learning / Teaching Year

Making New Year Resolutions is a common tradition at the end of the year. Here are a number of great tips to help you improve your English learning or teaching in the coming New Year. Choose a few tips for your own English New Year's Resolution.

Variations on Very - Intensifying Adjectives

When describing nouns that are not physical (e.g. joy, anger, wealth) you need to pay careful attention to the choice of intensifying adjectives (i.e. total bliss). This feature provides a guide to the use of the most common intensifying adjectives for non-physical nouns.

Absolute / Complete / Total / Utter / Big / Great /Large
Deep / Heavy / High / Low / Strong
Follow-up Quiz

Going Back to School

Getting ready to go back to school as a student or teacher can be as simple as reviewing what you've studied or taught, or as difficult as learning new skills to prepare you for a new class. These guides offer back to school resources at the site for beginning, intermediate, advanced level and teachers to help you prepare for the new school year.


Understanding the Job Interview in English

Interviewing for a new job in English requires and understanding excellent English skills, but also how to take a job interview in English, how to write a resume and a cover letter and what to expect on the interview itself. Often a job interview in English is quite different from that in your home country because of different business practices. This guide to finding the right job in an English speaking work environment will help you get started. Teachers can help students get started with this job interview lesson for ESL classes.

Date last modified: Thu 30th January 2014