English 4 Kids

by David

Do you have children with you in Scotland, are you a beginner or a teacher?

If yes then I would like to recommend this amazing website to you:


  • 4 million parents, teachers and students use this site every year.
  • The website is comprehensive and you can discover very interesting and useful things.
  • The sections contain an incredible amount of study materials:
    • Workscheets for children and teachers,
    • fun games,
    • video tutorial lessons for children and by unit & level,
    • powerPoint presentations,
    • flashcards.
  • You can find special sections for parents, teachers, students and others.
  • Small warning: Be aware, the website contains a large amount of advertisements, although they are usually useful.
  • Let us know what you think about this site. Enjoy it! Smile

Source of pictures: http://english-4kids.com/

Date last modified: Thu 14th March 2013