Elephant Ears - Listening Quiz

by Andy

1) Listen to the recording and move every word (under the joke) into the correct place of the text:
    (It doesn't work on a touchable display - tablet, mobile phone)

2) If you have listened carefully to the recording then you would notice
     that in the text of joke is written one word which Andy doesn't say. Type it into field:

A restaurant in London says that it can cook any food a customer asks for. A man decides to try this out.
He goes into the restaurant and sits at a table. The waiter comes over and says "Can I take your order, sir?"

"Yes", says the man "I would like elephant ears on toast"

The waiter looks a little surprised but he goes away to the kitchen. A few minutes later he comes back,
looking quite sad. The man thinks "Ha,Ha. I will win here!"

The waiter says "I'm sorry, sir.." The man says "Yes?"

"I'm sorry sir but we have run out of bread!"

Date last modified: Mon 2th November 2015