Easter Crossword


This competition is now closed. It was good fun and we loved our Bunny! The crossword is still there so you can still try to answer all the questions for fun!

1: What is the colour of the cross on the Saltire flag?
2: What is the common sweet we eat at Easter?
3: Which is the largest city in Scotland?
4: In which county is the race course located?
5: The name of the river which runs through Musselburgh.
6. What is the name of the harbour in Musselburgh?

Date last modified: Mon 25th April 2016


Krzysztof's picture

Even not being very religious - or even not being at all, at least in terms of religious practice - I must say that it is coming to this country that I realised how deeply I am spiritually linked to the traditions which I have naturally adopted in my native country. I fully respect the cultural differences - this is the obvious necessity of every newcomer to a new country. Nonetheless, I find very regrettable that some (commonly recognised Western world's) traditions became flat or nearly inexistent in GB. (Sometimes, one may even have an impression that the only person still going to church in Britain is the British Queen herself!) I miss the beauty of Easter; and it is almost totally replaced by a Sunday like all other Sundays. This is the kind of thing that may be better seen from a distance...