by Jean & David

This word does not need too much introduction! Diamonds are popular, particularly with women, especially for their beauty. The diamond is the hardest natural material known to man.

If you are interested in physics (?!) you might like to know that a company called Diamond is our national synchrotron science facility in Oxford here in the UK. This particle accelerator is able to produce intense beams of light which can be used to study properties of things that we cannot normally see, such as proteins for pharmaceutical purposes, artefacts from archaeology that cannot not be seen with the naked eye to applications such as making an aeroplane fan-blade!

The word diamond is used by many organisations because it suggests something precious, sparkly, flawless, perfect or of good quality. You can enjoy song of Rihanna :-)

Date last modified: Sat 16th April 2016


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Like it, like it !! Kiss Well done !

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Love the word!!!
Diamons must be on the women's finger ;)

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I had a fun experience with this word. In my basket team, we have a play called Diamonds. At the beginning of the competition, I always said “Dayamond” and my basket mates always laugh at me and they song “Shine Bright like Diamonds” like Rihanna. So, the coach decided to change the play name and it is called “Cuatro” what is a Spanish word and the meaning is four.

When I listen this word, I always remember this fun experience. I love it!