Cruise around the world

by Julia

Although this may sound like a joke, my dream is to take a cruise around the world in eigCruisehty days, like Willy Fog. Instead of leaving from London, I would prefer to leave from Monaco, a city of luxury.

My first stop would be in Rome to go sightseeing for two days and visit the Coliseum, the Pantheon and other important ancient monuments. Then I would go to Sicily and Malta to enjoy sunbathing on the clear and crystalline beaches.

In addition, I would like to know the African Culture, so firstly, I would go to the cities of Alger and Casablanca and then I would go to Mauritania to do a tour around the Sahara desert by camel.

After that, I would cross the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil in six days and I could see huge whales, dolphins and sharks diving in the sea. Once in Brazil, I would like to visit Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and make a Safari trip in the Amazonas.

When I finished my university studies, my classmate and I arranged a trip. We had to choose between the Dominican Republic and Cuba. In the end, we decided to go to Cuba. For that reason, I would like to go to the Dominican Republic and enjoy different water activities such as surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc. for three days.

After I explore South America, I would like to travel to North America. I would visit the famous city, Miami in the first place and then I would fly to New York, Toronto and Chicago to meet NBA stars and see a lot of basketball games. Apart from that, I would visit the most important tourist attraction in each city. Also I would like to see Los Angeles where I would meet the film stars of the city of Hollywood where a lot of American movies are filmed.

Then, I would take a cruises ship from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I could enjoy the lovely and sunny weather there and do surfing on the beach.

To end my dream, I would like to explore what the real Asian life is. I would go to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines and stay with an Asian family and get acquainted with their culture.

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Date last modified: Wed 2th October 2013


Polina's picture

Amazing! Sounds like a great plan! Although 3000 pounds wouldn't be enough at all. Enjoy and have fun ! Wink

Anonymous's picture

This sounds like you will need to have a lot of energy and a great memory to remember everything that you see and do! It all sounds great, but I think I'd need 800 days!

Stephen's picture

Lots to do ! Good luck :-P

Tranent CDO's picture

What an amazing holiday!

diana Mellings's picture

This truly sounds amazing and up my street but you will need to start saving. Somehow I don't think £3000 is enough. it may run out before you cross the Atlantic....but then it is only a dream!