Caribbean Islands

by Ross,

I would like to travel to the Caribbean Islands if I had £3000. I would take with me my two daughters, and my husband. My daughters are very small now so that adventure would be in a few years.

The main goal for this trip would be to do all the water sport that you can find in that part of the world.

I would like to book a hotel in Jamaica for two weeks and another one in Trinidad & Tobago.

Both must be clean and quiet, with a adventurer people atmosphere. The hotels must have great swimming pools, views over the amazing Caribbean sea, good food, night entertainment and of course a service of water sport activities.

I would like to sail a boat from Jamaica to Trinidad & Tobago, having a dinner party on board. The following day when we dock at the port and we have all the equipment, we would snorkel and scuba diving watching sharks, manta rays and obviously the coral reefs.

Furthermore, we would visit the isolated beaches around the islands enjoying with the marine sea turtles, dolphins, etc.

Water skiing, surfing and sea kite surfing would be also activities that I would like to share with my family.

There would be as well the possibility to do a Safari / wildlife Photography driving over land.

I have forgotten to mention that in addition to this, the hotel in Jamaica would be booked by the top 10 film starts with the same timetable activities as us.

That would be an amazing and unforgettable holidays.


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Date last modified: Tue 3th March 2015


Jelo's picture

This sounds truly unforgettable. I have never thought about going to the Caribbean, but your plan makes me think that if I were rich, I would definitely consider this holiday! I particularly like the thought of secluded sandy beaches and crystal clear water and being able to see the amazing natural wildlife.

Stephen's picture

Sounds great!

diana Mellings's picture

Sounds good to me but not so impressed with the stars idea. There could be photographers with long lenses around and I wouldn't like that too much.
Best time is february for Mardi Gras especially in TnT!