BBC - The Flatmates

by David

BBC Learning English is a very comprehensive website so we would like to introduce its sections gradually.

Today, as our second part, we are focusing on sectionThe Flatmates.

  • This website contains stories -short voice records about 5 friends - Tim, Helen, Khalid and Michal.
  • Their story began at the airport (1st episode) where Tim and Helen are expecting the arrival of Michal.  Now the series contains more than 200 episodes (recent episodes). You can choose and listen to all the episodes from the archive.  Begin at Episode 1 if you want to follow the story.
  • Beside each recording you can read the text, but at first you can hide it  :-).
  • Every episode is focused on a main theme (e.g. describing people, sports,...).
  • Episodes also include a Language Point with appropriate grammar and Vocabulary. You can try a Quiz about that language point - theme too.
  • Talk is a very interesting discussion point, where people from whole world can discuss the given topic and ask questions (older discussions are now closed).
  • Let us know what you think about this site. Enjoy it! Smile

Date last modified: Fri 1th March 2013