Basketball crazy?!

by Julia

Hi! My name’s Julia. I am from Spain and I’m 25 years old.Julia's basketball team

I have lived in Musselburgh since April. I decided to come here because I wanted to improve my English. I think English is the most important international language and I will need it in the future to find a job as an Engineer. At the moment, I work as an au-pair. I look after a girl who is five years old and a boy who is 2. My host family is friendly towards me and I am very happy in their home. I like all kinds of sports but my favourite sport is basketball. I have played it for eleven years. When I came here, I thought that I couldn’t play basketball, but I have found a basketball team where I can play it twice a week in Edinburgh. Sometimes I don't understand the coach but she always explains the exercises to me and my fellow players help me with this.

I also go to Musselburgh Sports Centre three times per week. I go to fitness classes and go swimming. When I go there, I have to show my Leisure Card to the assistant at reception. She has learned my surname quickly but it sounds funny because she says my surname with an English pronunciation.

Do you have a favourite sport?

Date last modified: Fri 10th May 2013


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Good luck in next game girls!

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Last Saturday I won the team award for 'the most improved player' of the City of Edinburgh Club. Many thanks to my coach and team mates for being patient with my and my horrible English and for letting me play a lot this season. Thanks Grannies!