An Australian adventure

Australian adventure

The most exciting holiday I have ever had was in Australia.

During that holiday we visited a number of places of interest but what I will never forget is the Sydney Bridge Climb. First we found ourselves sitting in a small room with 10 other people being breathalysed. Along with driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinary, you can't climb the Harbour Bridge drunk. Then we all were given grey jumpsuits to wear. Everything taken up on the bridge had to be attached to the suit, including a handkerchief. Reaching the bridge, we got in line and waited for our guide to attach us to the wire that we would be attached to for the entire time on the bridge, popped our earphones on and we were good to go. We stopped every few minutes to admire the view and have our photos taken and then before we knew it we were right at the top of the bridge; 134 meters above the water of Sydney Harbour. From the summit of the bridge we were enjoying one of the world's most spectacular views! Not only could we see the Harbour surrounds and the Opera House, but even as far as the Blue Mountains! It was unforgettable, incredible moment which made my heart beat faster, and that was not because of my fear of heights!

Date last modified: Wed 11th February 2015