Andy's jokes

Everybody is looking forward to Andy's jokes. Andy promised a new joke every week!

This is a perfect opportunity to improve your listening skills and skills of understanding. Often, British jokes are made from not understanding what someone has said. Jokes can be like a puzzle you must solve, so when 'the penny drops' (you finally understand) it should make you laugh! The British tell lots of jokes and play with words for fun.

Hang on to your seats. The jokes start here!

Tense? ! A Listening Quiz

Listen to this joke and complete the gaps!

Elephant Ears - Listening Quiz

Joke no. 4. TEST YOUR SKILLS HERE! A listening quiz + phrasal verbs practice

One of Andy's joke - A listening quiz

Andy's 10th joke as a listening quiz. Try it and tell us what you think of it.

Silly Hallowe'en Jokes

Happy Halloween, posted by Selvete :-)

Thanks, Dad!

Andy's 15th joke.
Is it just me or is school homework getting harder?

Oh, that’s alright then!

Andy's 14th joke.
A good reason to suck that thumb! (depending on the type of soup, of course!)

Life’s too short for homework!

Andy's 13th joke.
Go on, what’s the best excuse you’ve ever used for not doing your homework?

Stick to beer, it’s safer!

Andy's 12th joke.
The British love their cups of tea-perhaps, as James Bond would say, they should be “shaken, not stirred”!!

The Perfect Son

Andy's 11th joke.
Of course, every child is perfect in the eyes of the parents!


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